Father Rudolf zum Bischof von Gokwe ernannt

Liebe KMG Freunde,

Father RudofDiese Mail habe ich gerade von Fr. Rudolf aus Bondolfi bekommen.
Leider ist Gokwe ziemlich weit von Masvingo entfernt, da bleibt uns nur zu hoffen, dass er mal nach Masvingo versetzt wird.

viele Grüße



I hope you are all fine.                                              

I tried to write my e-mail to all our friends there but no response. I think
there could be a problem with my addresses. I convey my greetings to them all and compliments
of the new year. On 28 January I was appointed the bishop of Gokwe. I think the ordination will
take place around the 29th April. It is my wish and pleasure that all of you do come and attend.
When finally confirmed, I will let you know. These days we have good showers of rain.
We thank God for this.

Monsignor Rudolf Nyandoro